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2006-10-20 * Get Dressy

I've had a gift certificate to JoAnn's since last Christmas. My dear friend Lauren gave it to me, and I didn't just want to fritter it away on something random-- I wanted my purchase to be special, and to remind me of her. So, I finally decided exactly what to spend it on and even made a list so I could go straight to what I wanted and not be distracted by the aforementioned random (but oh so appealing) things that call out to me. I was on a mission to buy two patterns I've been wanting for a few months now, and the fabric and notions to make one of them.

And voila!

The dress is from the Very Easy, Very Vogue pattern #7871, which I came across at Angry Chicken who has made it three times in different fabrics, all lovely. I don't know what I'd do if it wasn't for craft bloggers trying out patterns and having good results. I get so overwhelmed by pattern books and have trouble visualising how anything will actually look on me when made with the fabric of my choice. At any rate, the dress above is made of some funky slightly wall-papery patterned corderoy that I just love. It has a sort of 60's, 70's vibe, and as Amy of Angry Chicken mentioned, it truly is VERY easy, and very comfortable.

I also bought the pattern for Alicia's Casserole-Bringing Dress For Fall, but I was too intimidated by the 20 pieces and choosing the right fabric to get anywhere with that one. But it is in the queue!

Because sewing frenzies are always accompanied with baking frenzies Chez Belleepoque, I also made some pull-apart sweet potato biscuits yesterday. I will confess that Moondoggie and I basically just had biscuits for dinner. But they're good for you, right?

And omg, do you know what came in the mail today? My Stitchettes! Eeeeep! They are even tinier and cuter and more wonderful than they look. I've transferred one to some muslin and will be stitching away this weekend at the beach.

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