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2004-12-09 * More Than You Really Needed to Know

About Me
The Short Version:
I am a freelance writer and compulsive crafter. I'm a co-editor of Get, and author of a craft book for teens that's coming out soon. I live in San Francisco with my husband, aka Moondoggie (because he surfs, and because I like to pretend I'm Gidget), a Singer 6038 and a Brother 1034D. I also have plants, though they tend to come and go. Currently Rosie the Parade Rose and Chloe the cyclamen are brightening up the place. I would like to have a hamster, but Moondoggie fears he'd get stuck cleaning its cage (and he might be right).

Fabric: silk, soft wool, super-fine cotton (preferrably a Liberty print), pink tulle, brightly printed cotton canvas
Wool: Angora and kid mohair (not a great knitter, but I know what I like!)
Item of Clothing: Dresses and floaty skirts, fitted jackets with feminine details (puff sleeves, round collars etc), Wrap sweaters, ballet flats
Colors: Green(seafoam, celadon, lime, mint, you name it), butter yellow, pale pink, turquoise, the perfect orange (I can't describe it, you just have to see it)
Foods: cupcakes (obviously), cream soups, crusty bread, a good salad (nice and crunchy with lots of veggies in it, but NO MUSHROOMS), roast chicken...i'm getting hungry.
Movies: Amelie, Persuasion, Pride & Prejudice (Olivier, BBC or 2005 version, I'm not picky), Jane Eyre (the newest Masterpiece Theatre one),
Books: I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, Winter's Tale by Mark Helprin, A Trip to the Stars by Nicholas Christopher, The Ordinary Princess by M.M. Kaye
Activities:Reading fiction, drinking coffee, taking a bath, throwing a dinner party (or any kind of party, really), going on a date with Moondoggie, watching a good movie (and my standards are low), hanging out with my family, riding a bicycle on a tree-lined street, traveling, shopping, swimming

Craft History:
I grew up with a super-crafty Mom who didn't think anything of making quilts, dust-ruffles and curtains, or, for that matter, the awesome fish-head costume that won me first prize at the hat dance (she made it out of disposable dish cloths! how cool is that?). She started me out with beading, embroidery and crochet when I was 9 or so, I went on to hand-sew a stuffed animal or two, knit a heinous mustard-yellow scarf and zig-zag stitch t-shirt scraps into a strapless dress with a multi-tiered ruffle skirt (it was the '80's, what can I say). I didn't consider myself "crafty", it was just the way my house was!

In college I hardly crafted at all- I drew silly comics, wrote extravagant letters, collaged mix tape covers, stamped notecards and painted on watercolor postcards to send my friends (I'm not a good painter, they were mostly hearts). I left with two degrees in English, the reading kind not the writing kind, though Art History was my true love. I couldn't really make myself take non-narrative or figurative painting seriously, so I had to accept my limits and go with English. I worked in publishing in New York for a few years where my friend Anne taught me how to knit again (i forgot after 3rd grade). It was when I moved out to San Francisco in 2003 that I discovered the amazing world of craft blogs and realised what was missing in my life. Crafty Mom bought me a sewing machine, I signed up for some lessons and I was off and running! Sewing is my main squeeze (craft-wise anyway), though I still love to embroider and occasionally crochet. I hope to branch out from commercial clothing patterns to start drafting my own sometime soon, and I'm currently dreaming of making myself an embroidered wool coat for Fall 2007, we'll see how that goes...

reading: All the time
coveting: Something new almost daily

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