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2007-04-02 - my moo cards, moo pocket and new web address!
2007-03-29 - a muslin for my spring jacket!
2007-03-28 - a little babble about visiting the shops on Fillmore St in SF
2007-03-27 - the panda pocket book, a mini garden update, and complaints about muscle pain
2007-03-26 - the first day of boot camp, surprisingly enjoyable! and some sewing lessons learned.
2007-03-25 - a rainy sunday and a successful shirt from Simplicity's Built By You patterns
2007-03-24 - this and that, roses and parsnips
2007-03-23 - i bound a book! and then drank some fruit tea
2007-03-22 - a pleated skirt, earrings and blood orange infused vodka
2007-03-21 - an update on my magical terrace- magical because it seems to counteract my tendency to kill everything green.
2007-03-20 - a few birthday gifts for friends, and a disappointing black dress
2007-03-13 - my first trip to Hawaii!
2007-03-06 - in lieu of an actual crafty post, a few things I like
2007-03-05 - new serger outings- a jacket and pajamas!
2007-03-01 - photos from my trip, and my serger arrives
2007-02-20 - birthday gifts(for others) and babble
2007-02-13 - lots of very pretty fabric, not much action
2007-02-10 - super fun crafty magazines and great shoes
2007-02-09 - A batik tunic from Sew U and wheatberry salad
2007-02-08 - Valentinis, lasangna and stuff from the thrift
2/5/07 - some sewing books, and my London mappy tote for Spring
2007-02-01 - a pattern refashion triumph- the 30's garden party dress.
2007-01-30 - some babble about leafy greens and Jane Eyre
2007-01-29 - taking the wardrobe refashion pledge
2007-01-26 - an etsy update and filigree earrings
2007-01-25 - squares! a stroller-blanket top and coaster-perfect painted tiles
2007-01-23 - a pair of pants from the free Simplicity pattern courtesy of Adorn mag
2007-01-21 - a dinner party with new china, and a sunny weekend
2007-01-17 - two more projects free of the work in progress pile!
2007-01-16 - water bath canning chez belleepoque means blood orange marmalade!
2007-01-15 - our trip to Park City for MLK weekend
2007-01-09 - a jumper made from the free simplicity pattern offer in adorn
2007-01-08 - i finish my longest standing work in progress ever!
2007-01-04 - a drapey skirt, and finished works in progress
2007-01-03 - tagged for my very first meme! appropriately first things first.
01/02/07 - my crafty haul from my visit to NYC
2006-12-28 - the set of the Irish Rep's Meet Me In St Louis
2006-12-18 - More holiday gifts- nougat, a walking-around bag for me, an xmas tote and dollar origami
2006-12-15 - xmas gifts for show-embroidery & jewelry
2006-12-12 - a couple of thrifty finds
2006-12-12 - what i served at a holiday ornament party
2006-12-05 - my first interview, and the return of the Christmas hamster
2006-12-04 - a tutorial on how to make a tiny owl
2006-11-30 - tiny polymer clay owls and mushrooms- fairy ones, not creepy ones.
2006-11-28 - an urchin light and some cookie cutters
2006-11-27 - the mystery of the smelly tree. and a recipe for cream of spinach soup
2006-11-22 - some sweet things to give thanks for- ipods, cookies & marshmallows
2006-11-20 - a pretty flower and some earrings.
2006-11-18 - no knead bread appears to be a success, oh, and pompoms
2006-11-17 - trying out a granola recipe and a bread recipe, and singing the blues
2006-11-16 - a semi-tipsy ramble about how much i like stuff, cute christmas tins and a dishtowel
2006-11-15 - Nigella's mushroom pasta and a clutch made of scraps
2006-11-14 - some babble about my magic writing tray, autumn cookies
2006-11-13 - news and views from my trip to Key West
2006-11-01 - a flight cancelled, and a quilt, stuffie and skirt made
2006-10-30 - more pictures of the beach, a wooly bear caterpillar and my first 5K
2006-10-25 - decorating, slowly but surely, and a recipe for tomato bread soup
2006-10-23 - in lieu of fun crafting, some pictures from the weekend
2006-10-20 - a corderoy dress courtesy of Lauren
2006-10-19 - NERT training and tomatillo soup
2006-10-15 - basically an excuse to use the embedded video feature on youtube- sea birds and banana slugs
2006-10-12 - Rosie, the parade rose who may mean the end of The Curse of the Black Thumb
2006-10-11 - a psychadelic flowers messenger bag
2006-10-09 - a weekend at the beach and a recipe for chicken in mustard sauce
2006-10-05 - a skirt for Toast'n'Candy
2006-10-02 - i conquer roast chicken, cook rainbow veggies and show off an apron.
2005-01-23 - San Francisco Living
2004-12-09 - about me

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